Dining teaches children to eat properly

Experts from Johns Hopkina spent watching 274 children from the schools of new York (USA). All children in primary school. Scientists have found: the children if a lot of vegetables and whole grain products, if in the dining room was calm and quiet atmosphere. Interestingly, the consumption of other products noise had no effect, writes Zee News.

According to the results, only 59% of children ate at the canteen vegetables and 58% of the fruit. Students often ate their dining serving, if they were taking their meals together with their teacher. Kids preferred products, cut into small pieces and ate better if the break was of sufficient length.

Scientists believe a healthy and balanced diet is extremely important for the younger generation, but the situation at home and in the dining room plays a role in the formation of eating behavior. The habit of taking a full Breakfast and lunch is formed in the first ten years of life and remains with the person for life.

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