Difficulties with finances can accelerate the aging process – the scientists

The lack of money at a young age can significantly reduce the duration of a person's life and quickly lead to aging. To such conclusion the group of experts from the University of Miami. About the study and its results the newspaper writes Zee News.

Financial difficulties in the early years affect the cognitive abilities of people, the researchers found. Particularly hard hit by the shortage of money affects the speed of processing and remembering information. In another study it was proved that the lack of Finance inevitably accelerates the aging of internal organs and in almost all systems.

According to available data, the aging process of the modern man starts at the age of 26. After this age, the processes of tissue regeneration slow down, the bodies gradually wear out. Note, only a few decades ago, ageing was begun even earlier, and the average life expectancy was about a quarter lower than the current rates.

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