Difficulties in parenting: how to take your child to a psychologist

Parenting is challenging, but at the same time responsible and fun. Parents, watching as their child grows, have mixed feelings. When the child becomes self - they are happy with this, but at the same time and in doubt whether they are educated. Immediately raises a lot of questions from small household (i.e., folded if the child bed, parents are concerned that he is constantly talking on the phone, there are frequent disputes with adults) and to more complex issues, such as violence, alcoholism and drug addiction in older age.

Children aged ten to thirteen years old, prone to frequent changes of mood, and so parents it is difficult to determine when they come psychological problems. The child may simply not be in the mood or it can be just not in the spirit, and his parents think that he begins the depression. Often during this period, the question arises: is valid whether the child suffers from a lack of certain emotions or just overloaded with studies. Sometimes a simple conversation with your child can help you find the answers to all your questions. But remember that the senior school-aged children and adolescents rarely share their feelings, they are afraid of criticism. If the parents speak to them in a loud voice, they withdraw into themselves, it is much easier to find contact with friends, classmates. In fact, many parents have problems in searching for the causes of this state of their child. But at the same time, if a child is using drugs, lost his appetite, is constantly depressed, in which case, it is necessary to address to experts. Only a professional psychologist, the sociologist will be able to find the reasons for such behaviour of the child.

If you do decide to come for a consultation with a psychologist, then be sure to take direction from doctors pediatrician. Before you are with child, come first without him. The psychologist alone will be easier to speak about all your anxieties and describe its condition. Perhaps the problem lies in you, and then you won't have to come to the child on admission to the specialist. If contact with the child psychologist can not be avoided, then you must prepare your son or daughter to communicate with a professional doctor, a psychologist. Reassure the child, perhaps, some of my friends have talked about what it is or you are together read an interview about it in the newspaper. If the child refuses, do not throw venture with treatment, and ask advice from a psychologist, he will tell you how to act in different situations. Remember that there are different types of treatment that may be a group session, individual counseling, but any of the methods or their combination can give the desired result within a short period of time.

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