Diet spouse - sign of the destruction of families

Researchers from the University of Heidelberg warn that if you suddenly discover that your partner has started going to the gym to finally remove flabby muscles and get yourself in shape, don't feel too happy about it - maybe you caught a relationship crisis. A new study showed that people who suddenly start to train to lose weight, apparently, are burdened existing relationship that secret getting ready to break. Actually, the happy couple are not worried about the waistline, as they may experience less pressure, which causes them to try to look more attractive, say German researchers. Lead researcher Professor Thomas Klein has explored the linkages between happiness and body weight and installed: alarming signs can be sudden passion for the gym or active sports and diets. "When you are in search of a new partner, you try to be slim and attractive as possible," says Professor Klein of the University of Heidelberg. Therefore, when one spouse in the relationship begins to lose weight, it can be interpreted as "preparation for a new hunting". Professor Klein adds: "People in relationships feel less stressed and often gain weight because they are not watching their weight, if happy in the family, as a rule, the increase in the mass "fat" makes them less competitive. For his research, scientists have observed more than 2,000 people aged 16 to 55 years. It was observed that people in pairs usually weigh more than the singles that hope to attract a partner in the conditions of competition in the market of Dating. Separately, it was found that in the United States on the weight of the couples affected by the so-called "family synchronicity" - the common medium of communication, too many calories and not enough exercise. "As soon as the ink on the marriage contract is dry, the couple relax, forgetting to watch your weight and appearance joke researchers.

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