Diet soda in cocktails makes the onset of intoxication faster

Amateurs mix alcoholic cocktails should abandon the use of this ingredient as diet soda. According to doctors, it is better to replace regular soda. The reason is that diet soda doesn't contain sugar, which leads to the rapid penetration of alcohol into the blood. This is due to the absence of sugar, making the digestive process becomes faster, and the alcohol almost immediately finds himself in the blood and causes intoxication.

Experts conducted an experiment, which was attended by 16 volunteers. They drank vodka mixed with regular soda, which was equivalent to the four cocktails. After that, scientists tested the degree of intoxication volunteers using the breathalyzer. The instrument showed acceptable amount of alcohol in the body.

The next day scientists suggested to drink the volunteers also vodka, but this time mixed with diet soda. The inspection identified a greater degree of intoxication, although people do not even notice.

This has led the scientists to believe that all because of the lack of sugar in soda pop. Because of this alcohol almost immediately got into the bloodstream.

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It is known that a high degree of alcohol intoxication affects such vital organs as the brain and liver. Experts advise to eat something, both before and after drinking alcohol. And best of all - drink only non-alcoholic drinks.

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