Diet soda causes diabetes – scientists

Sweet soda without the calories is just as dangerous as regular lemonade with a high sugar content, when it comes to diabetes. Experts from the Karolinska Institute found: the sugar substitutes along with the gases have a negative impact on metabolism in the body. Regular consumption of diet soda risk of developing diabetes of the second type is considerably increased, writes The Daily Mail.

All the matter in the acute hunger that inevitably develops after consuming a sweet beverage without the calories. It makes a person after lemonade to look for food with "fast carbs". Researchers analyzed the diet and the search strategy of eating 2874 adults. It turned out that the calories that people consume diet soda, did not get from the drink, trying to obtain as soon as possible from food.

According to information received, the risk of diabetes with regular use of such drinks increased by 4.5 times. Yet to reveal the true causal link, the researchers can not. You will need a number of scientific works, which reveal the processes of metabolism occurring in the body in contact with sweet water with sweetener.

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