Diet soda causes diabetes of the second type

Scientists from France found that diet sodas increase the risk of diabetes.

To this opinion of specialists of the national Institute of health of France come through the study, conducted among 66 thousand women. This large-scale study lasted 14 years, during which scientists studied the diet of women and their health. As it turned out, those women who every week drank half a liter of diet soda, the risk of diabetes of the second type has increased by 60 percent compared to those who drank regular sodas. Previously established a link between consumption of carbonated beverages and the development of diabetes, but no one thought that diet soda could be a similar danger. By the way, drink it much more, because they believe that it is lower in calories.

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Scientists tend to think that the reason the sweetener aspartame, which is used in the manufacture of diet carbonated drinks. It has a negative impact on insulin levels and blood glucose.

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