Diet "on the water" - the most economical way to lose weight in the world

Most diets that promise to rid excess weight, as a rule, are quite expensive and they hit hard on the family budget. However, there are very affordable ways to lose weight, which can have a significant effect. The results of a recent study showed that people drinking before eating two cups of water, lose weight much faster than those who drinking water before a meal do not drink.

Brenda Davy, associate Professor of American Technological University in Virginia, says that the study results clearly prove that water can quench hunger, and reduces the number of calories. These findings are supported by research which found that women who drink more fluids, dropped a greater amount of weight than those who drank about one liter of water per day.

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Moreover, scientists say that every person needs about 2.5 liters of fluid obtained from water, drinks and food. By the way, use plain water instead of sugary drinks helps to reduce risk over time, diabetes, and lack of drinking water promotes the formation of kidney stones. Therefore, "water" diet is one of the easiest ways to improve the results of weight loss and prevention of certain serious diseases of metabolism.

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