Diet for immunity, or that you need to eat in order not to get sick

In the cold season, and especially during epidemics of influenza, it is necessary to ensure that the diet was attended by a sufficient number of proteins. This should often eat fish, lean meat or legumes. Of the listed ingredients should prefer fish, as it is the excellent supplier of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which increase the body's defenses. Another source of useful acids is vegetable oil.

To strengthen the body's defenses, it is recommended to eat as much fruit and vegetables, which are preferably eaten raw, or cook so that they retain the most vitamins and minerals.

Most useful for immunity are considered to be products that incorporate a lot of vitamin C (sweet pepper, cabbage, citrus, black currant). This vitamin accumulates in the cells and increases their ability to destroy harmful microorganisms.

Do not forget about products that are rich in vitamin C. These vitamins are the building material for the immune cells of the body and is an excellent source of energy. They can be found in cereals, bran, bread from wheat flour.

In addition, it is very important that the body has received enough zinc, necessary for the formation of phagocyto - cells with the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria. The main sources of zinc include nuts, seafood and cheese.

For the effective functioning of the immune system is very important a good job of the circulatory system. Therefore, it is necessary to eat foods rich in iron and copper (e.g., grenades, and buckwheat).

One of the most useful products in the cold season is garlic. The fact that it contains a volatile, which have a detrimental effect on viruses.

On the table regularly must be dairy products, with special attention kefir and live yoghurt. They stimulate the production of a protein called interferon. This protein is produced by the body as a retaliatory strike by the invading viruses.

To ensure complete protection against viruses need to consume plenty of fluids. For example, you can brew the fruits of black currant, raspberry, rose hips, Linden flowers or chamomile, add in the received infusion of honey and drink it as a tea throughout the day. This drink helps to excrete toxins, representing the metabolic products of bacteria and viruses.

To strengthen the immune system is also very useful lingonberry and cranberry fruit drinks, providing bactericidal, diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect.

But from alcoholic beverages should be abandoned because they are able to significantly weaken the body's defenses.

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These simple recipes health will help to strengthen the immune system and protect you from disease!

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