Diet for flat belly

It so happens that when quite a slim figure, a person has a tummy, and he's ugly bulging, and his owner doesn't feel attractive at all one hundred percent. The reasons are many, women often pregnancy and childbirth, hormonal age-related changes in men, to be honest, because of the excessive love of beer gatherings or fatty food, bloating, it depends. In any case, if you are tired of your pusika, and you are dreaming of a flat and toned stomach, this material is for you.

Following the diet from stomach to help you, because its goal is to burn fat it is in the waist area, as well as to properly adjust the gastro-intestinal tract, which is no less important than external beauty. This system also consists of nutritional recommendations, and partly from the physical exercise of moderate nature.

So, here are the basic nutrition principles to the solution of the problem:

- Absolutely avoid salt in your diet, or reduce their number to a minimum;

- Completely eliminate alcohol, it is not discussed!

- Pinch to microscopic doses in their diet sweets, cakes, pastry;

- Eat often and in small portions, ideally five times a day, every three to four hours;

- Add in your diet plenty of green vegetables and citrus fruits, they will saturate your body with vitamins, to improve intestinal function, and several will speed up the metabolism;

- Replace your morning coffee with a Cup of green or white tea, preferably without sugar;

- Remove from the diet unnecessary and harmful fats mayonnaise, bacon, fatty sauces, creams, pastes. If it is absolutely unbearable, eat occasionally and in very small doses.

And last, try to gradually incorporate into your life the elements of physical exercises. No, no, no one expects you to suddenly start abdominals hundred times every morning, or to run ten laps at the stadium, this problem does not require such a monstrous effort! Just start small - a few sit-UPS and tilts forward and to the side, you can turn down "the bike", waking up in the morning, by the way, not getting out of bed! Avoid elevators, on the way home stand on one stop earlier and walk to the house on foot, if you are not on the machine.

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Gradually your body will understand how movements pleasant, the muscles would "Wake up", and the body itself will require more loads! And remember - even small efforts and changes will give the desired result, the main thing - do not stop and do not lose heart!

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