Diet for diet 6 petals

Diet Six petals" will help to get good results for a small period of time. Her motto - Trennkost (separation food diet.

Extra pounds go away due to the fact that the body gets the same product (e.g., fish), and when he's missing something, it takes the energy from fat. Many have heard that it is very useful to alternate proteins and carbohydrates. Such "deception" of the body and low calorie foods cause excess weight gradually go away.

Diet regime

The first day (fish)

You can use:

- Lean fish, cooked any way, except smoke and pickles;

- Add in salt and various herbs;

Fish can cook, bake, stew and drink the broth from it.

The second day (vegetable)

You can use:

- All kinds of vegetables (potatoes are allowed);

Add to dishes salt and herbs;

- Vegetable juices.

Will fit any seasoned salad, cabbage salad is the best choice. Cabbage contributes to the enhanced fat burning.

The third day (chicken)

You can use:

- Lean chicken meat (boiled, baked, steamed);

- Add products herbs and salt;

White meat chicken, lean and no fat layers. You can also drink chicken broth.

Fourth day (cereal)

You can use:

- All types of cereals (buckwheat, rice, corn, oatmeal, etc );

- Cereals;

- Bread without flour;

Day five (curd)

You can use:

- Low-fat cottage cheese (fat content not more than 3, 5%);

- Skimmed milk;

The sixth day (fruit)

You can use:

- Fruits (dates, bananas and grapes - are excluded);

- Juices, not containing sugar.

Recommended, grapefruits, as this fruit is good burns fat.

Learn how to diet 6 petals here.

During the diet you can:

- Drink lots of water;

- Green tea;

In dishes to add a variety of natural spices.

It is forbidden to eat foods containing sugar and flour products. Rate of food a day from 500 to 800 grams, not more.

It is recommended to abandon coffee or to limit quantities.

The main rule is to change the days in places you can't! Otherwise, all the proposed processes will not occur, will be broken chain works proteins and carbohydrates.

Though diet and designed for only six days, but to get rid of from three to six pounds. The stomach will be reduced in the future will not have to eat quickly and than you will have, the saturation will come instantly.

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Diet regime tolerated simply, and to say goodbye to excess weight was also happily, you can cut the flower out of paper and, taking each day a new petal, to say goodbye to another portion of the hated fat.

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