Diet for beautiful hair

Hair problems are the result (and problem) of power. Some deficiencies in the diet led to a decrease in the number of vitamins in the body. The body reacts quite logical: conditionally excludes from the normal provision of those parts of the body that are less than desired - hair, nails, teeth, etc. are Among the nutrients that have a direct impact on the health and appearance of your hair, you need to pay attention to those where a lot of iron, vitamin D, iodine and zinc. From our diet affects the growth of hair and then, Kimi they will be strong and sturdy or dull and brittle. Most girls trying to find some remedy for hair growth from the outside, but our external condition is a reflection of inner health.

The simplest and therefore the ideal solution is a planned diet for the day. So we will tell you about proper nutrition throughout the day and week. Compliance with this diet will definitely bring positive results and satisfaction.

Start with Breakfast. Let's call it protein. Its members include egg whites (120 g), poultry, fish or low-fat cottage cheese. These products help to restore the structure of damaged hair from the inside, giving them a healthy appearance.

It is worth remembering that in the morning your hair is very well suited for any therapy. So do not skip Breakfast. Breakfast - is the key to good health and excellent condition of the hair.

Your daily menu should include the necessary complex of vitamins. Each of them has its purpose, and they should not be neglected. So take a closer look at the components of this complex.

For conditional logistic let's call these vitamins for their "importance": vitamin a, E, C and B.

The presence of the right amount of vitamin a contributes to the suppleness and elasticity of your hair. This vitamin the body receives from such foods as egg yolk, carrots, butter and fish.

Vitamin E - is the key to your hair's Shine. In the required amount, the body will get it with vegetable oil and nuts.

Blood flow to the follicles is provided by vitamin C. In General, the circulation is very beneficial to the nutrition of hair follicles. This vitamin is found in citrus fruits, pickled cabbage and bell peppers. It is important to remember that the hips contain vitamin C larger than citrus, but it cannot be used for a long time, because it has some side effects.

The last in the series, a b vitamin that is responsible for hair growth. It is contained in foods such as beans, peas, cereals and wholemeal bread.

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Don't forget about the useful minerals. For example, on hair growth beneficial influence of copper, sulfur, iron, zinc and silicon.

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