Diet during adolescence is one of the causes of alcoholism

Scientists advise to forget about diets for teenagers. The one exception is the diet prescribed by the attending physician. In adolescence, the body is strong restructuring and diet can do much harm to health. Experts from the University of Florida established: diet puberty in some cases can lead to alcoholism.

Experts from the University of Florida analyzed the influence of diet on the fledgling. It turned out that the first consequences of such actions manifest itself in ten years.

Strong food restrictions for teenagers can result in serious problems with alcohol in the older years. In some cases it develops will never rise and alcoholism. How much diet can affect the psyche of a teenager, scientists are not reported.

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Doctors advise before using any diet, consult with your doctor. The diet should be appropriate to the age, stress and personality. In most cases, not necessary diet and sensible approach to nutrition and regular exercise to shed extra pounds.

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