Diet Catherine Miramiguoa "-60"

Catherine Mirimanova, author of diet Minus 60". The woman was able to lose 60 pounds by following their supply system. This diet should be followed continuously, then the extra weight will never come back ever. You should not promise yourself to start losing weight tomorrow, we should start right now. To become slim is necessary for its own sake and in his pleasure. It was under such slogans Catherine Mirimanova proposes to begin losing weight.

The basic rules

Diet miramiguoa quite simple, its essence lies in the absence of a ban on any products except for milk chocolate. You can eat absolutely anything and in any quantity, but before noon. All the extra calories will be spent during the day. After noon, you can eat two more times, strictly at the same time every day. The last meal should be no later than six o'clock in the evening.

After 12 hours of the day, it is forbidden, there is fried, flour, and potatoes. Meat, fish or chicken you can cook, cook steamed or baked without added oils. Garnish better to cook the rice, buckwheat or vegetables (in any case not fried). Dessert should be fruits and dried fruits. It is better to use various citrus fruits, apples, kiwi, watermelon, plums, apricots and prunes.

The second meal should be as close as possible to 18:00. So in the evening there will be less hunger. From dinner to exclude a number of vegetables: beans, peas, potatoes, eggplant, pumpkin, corn, and mushrooms. All previously imposed restrictions are met. Solved almost all cereals (except corn grains), meat (not fried), as well as dairy products. Dessert can be a fruit.

System meals

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Breakfast should "run" the body in the morning, a Cup of tea or coffee with a couple of fresh donuts will be enough. A little later, you can eat all about the dream in the evening. Conventional sugar beet is better to replace cane sugar or fructose. From alcohol it is better to refrain, at least, you can enjoy a glass of dry red wine. After noon wheat bread is forbidden, but you can eat rye. Water should be drunk on desire, no strict rules, no, you should not force your body.

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