Diet can maintain the health of the human brain

Scientists of the University of Kentucky has proved the positive influence of a low-carb diet with a high percentage of fat consumed in the human body. As shown by experiments with animals, this type of food serves as an excellent protection against neurodegenerative diseases and improve cognitive abilities.

The diet is called ketogenic, beneficial impact on the intestines and improves cerebral blood circulation. To such conclusion scientists came after a series of experiments on mice, which were divided into 2 groups of 9 animals each. Animals from the first group were on a ketogenic diet, the other received a normal diet. After 16 weeks, the rodents from the first group showed better results of memory tests and other indicators of the state of the brain, confirming the hypothesis of reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. In addition, animals whose food intake was based on the principles of the ketogenic diet, it was observed a significant improvement of the intestinal microflora.

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