Diet can cause mental illness

Scientists from the University of Florida has established that the earlier a woman begins to resort to diets, the greater her chance to earn a mental illness, pathology of eating disorders. Specialists registered cases when the diet was the cause of alcoholism, writes The Daily Mal.

In the present study were used the materials collected during the analysis 1340 cases, women's diets. Most of the girls, as it turned out, resorted to diets because of social pressure. And age does not matter.

The popularity of the various diets is growing steadily. If before the girls began to think about their weight in 26 years, but now their power to restrict teenagers, starting from a very early age. Professor Pamela keel believes that the initial effects of life on a diet make themselves felt in 10 years after College. Note, the negative effect persists for a long time.

Poor diet (excess and lack) affect human health. The cases when the diet was the cause of physical or mental pathology is not uncommon. Doctors advise to build a rational diet. Diets usually provide short-term results and are a serious test for the organism. If you long to ignore the needs of your body, you can earn a dangerous chronic diseases.

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