Diet by blood group did not find confirmation of its effectiveness

Canadian researchers tried to investigate the effectiveness of one of the most popular modern diets. Diet for blood group promises excellent results in a short time. However, it is scientifically proven that not everything is so rosy. Data about refuting the study were published in Plos One.

It turned out that the connection between the utility of products and blood group never existed. Nutritionists advise to use the confirmed information to compile your diet and eat nutritious foods prepared in the right way.

Data scientists have confirmed in a survey of about 1.5 thousand people. The idea that some foods help you lose weight ,if a person has a particular blood group, sounds pretty absurd and has no scientific basis.

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A survey of young and healthy people, the blood test helped to confirm this information. To lose weight, the researchers note, not necessarily to adhere to modern diets. All the rules of a balanced diet are well known. Compliance, coupled with physical exercise will help to achieve the desired result.

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