Diet 7 petals - basic rules and diet

The system is based on 7 petals is a mono-diet.

Mono is a variant of the power supply the same product for a short period of time. Founder diet 7 petals Anna Johnson invented for its customers original game, She offered to cut a flower out of paper. This flower has 7 petals that need to take every day. If losing weight will tear off one petal per day, it will be understood that the day was not empty for his figures, and his willpower not succumbed to any temptation. Leafs need to sign to avoid confusion.

Now, let us turn to the diet on a diet 7 petals.

The first day is a day fishing mono.

Fish can be eaten any cooked or steamed version, you can even use salt.

The second day is vegetable day

Eat any vegetables raw, steamed or baked, allowed vegetable juices.

Third day - chicken

You can eat the chicken in cooked, baked or stewed, but only without the skin.

Fourth day - cereal

You can use any cereal, sprouted seeds, bran and cereals, and corn bread.

Fifth day - curd

Eat cottage cheese with low fat content, drink tea and milk.

Sixth day - fruit

You can eat any fruit, raw or roasted, are allowed to use the vanilla and cinnamon. Indulge in herbal teas.

Seventh day - unloading

Initially, the diet consisted of 6 petals, but thinner decided to add a day of fasting, for more tangible results.

On this day, there is nothing you can drink only mineral water without gas.

Diet this diet is carefully designed, every day should not only to get rid of excessive volume, but also benefit the body, enriching it with proteins, vitamins and fiber. All 7 day - a system, it should not be changed by changing the sequence of the days you will not be able to dobitsya the desired result.

During the diet can not eat sugar at all, from coffee to give up, or reduce his intake to 1 Cup a day.

After a seven-day course of diet can be repeated from the beginning.

The principle of this diet is that carbohydrate food alternated with protein. In this period we effectively deceive the body, because the hunger he feels, lack of any substances, the body will not feel, and calories consumed from fat reserves. In addition, there is no feeling of fatigue, which is typical of other ways to lose weight. The principle of separate power used in diet 7 petals speeds up the weight loss process.

As a result of research that diet 7 petals is very effective, daily response will be from 450 to 750 grams and repeat the diet for 2-3 weeks helps to get rid of 10-15 kg

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