Died teenager, attended by more than $ 5 million to Fund the fight against cancer

On the death of the young man became aware of his mother, who placed the record on the page in Facebook. The teenager four years ago was diagnosed with cancer of the intestine.

The mother of Stephen Sutton says: "My heart is filled with pride and lamenting pain for my courageous, self-sacrificing son, who died peacefully in his sleep in the early morning on Wednesday 14 may.

Case of a teenager worthy of respect. Stephen started a campaign to raise funds for cancer treatment in young people. This was created a special website, social network communities, where the guy published a list of things I would like to implement to death.

In the first place was fundraising for British Fund for the fight against cancer in adolescents. Put the bar in 10 thousand pounds has been overcome in the first months of the company. Another standard 500 thousand pounds was also overcome.

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In the end, Stephen Sutton was able to collect 3.2 million pounds (about 5.4 million). Hundreds of people every day donate to help adolescents with cancer. Today, the number of donations exceeded 140 thousand.

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