Diagram of the human body is formed at birth – the scientists

The body schema scientists call the reflection of body image conscious. Until recently, it was impossible to answer the question of how this scheme is formed in the brain. Experts from temple University conducted a study and could explain part of unknown phenomena. This writes The Indian Express.

The study involved infants aged seven months. Scientists were touching different body parts of children and monitored the activity of the brain. All the changes in brain activity recorded on the EEG machine.

Already in infancy there are separate areas, manufacturing touch. It turns out that the scheme of the baby's body is very specific and varies little to adulthood.

In the second experiment, the scientists noticed that when a child watching the movements of others, in his brain activates similar areas of the brain. It's safe to say that the body schema develops in the first months of life. She needed a man to feel yourself in space, to interact with the world and other people.

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