Diagnosis of brain tumors

In the brain may appear both benign and malignant tumors. In this case, any brain tumor, usually formed from the tissues of the body, shells or cranial nerves, sometimes it appears as a result of metastasis of a malignant tumor in another organ.


To establish a correct diagnosis by the doctors conducted a comprehensive examination of the patient. For example, computed tomography scans necessary body x-rays. Scanning is performed at once from different angles and directions, which allows the doctor to assess the size of the tumor. It should be noted that in order to improve the accuracy of image doctors impose a special contrast agent, it is good to accumulate in the tumor cells. For people who have intolerance to iodine, a survey carried out without entering the substance, as it consists of iodine.

In order to determine whether the tumor is malignant is used stereotactic biopsy. This is sort of a small neurosurgical operation. Through a small hole in the skull impose a special needle, which makes the cells of the tumor.

Also in the diagnosis use magnetic resonance imaging. It allows you to scan the body with a constant magnetic field. This method allows a detailed discussion of the brain and see the tumor. It should be noted that to improve the accuracy of this survey will also be carried out using a contrast agent. But unlike the previous method, it does not contain iodine. But we can not say that this method is not suitable for people who suffer from claustrophobia, as the patient is fully placed in the scanner, but it is known to be a closed space. Then, you must know that this method violates the operation of the pacemaker and is absolutely contraindicated to people in the body, which has an object consisting of iron.

It should be noted that MRI allows more accurate to see the localization of the tumor, and also allows you to consider other brain pathology. But CT allows much more accurate to see the cranial hemorrhage and pathology of the cranial bones. MRI requires more time than CT. As for the cost, for MRI, the patient will have to pay more than for CT.

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In any case, you should listen to your doctor, it is better to know what type of diagnosis will suit you.

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