Diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy in young children

Every mother dreams that her child was healthy and happy, but as the growth and maturation of children have different diseases. In addition to the pediatric infectious diseases children often suffer from various hereditary diseases. Annual data published by the world health organization show that the most common diseases among children are asthma and diabetes, in third place is epilepsy, a chronic disease of the nervous system and brain. According to statistics epilepsy suffers 30 children per 100,000 inhabitants. The increasing number of diseases leads to parents looking for child adequate and effective treatment not only at home but also abroad. Among the most popular medical tourism destinations for young patients from countries of the former USSR is the treatment of epilepsy in Israel. Israel is perhaps the most popular destination, as it provides a diagnosis of a high level corresponding to world standards. Accurate diagnosis is essential to the successful and effective medical treatment.

Brain damage in children leads to the fact that violate the normal scheme movements of the child, which in turn leads to the fact that the child is delayed mental development. Disruption of the normal development of motor activity leads to the fact that in addition to mental retardation, the child is impaired verbal, emotional, and sensory development. Diagnosis of epilepsy, especially its implementation at an early stage, the main problem in the treatment of epilepsy in children. Diagnosis of epilepsy in a child is a complex process, requiring the attending physician specialization high level. Accurate and timely diagnosed epilepsy allows timely treatment, so the treatment of epilepsy in Israel, where he created one of the world's best diagnostic databases allows you to make the recovery of the baby is more effective.

Problems of diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy

Diagnosis of epilepsy in infants is complicated by the fact that convulsive syndrome in a child similar to the spontaneous locomotor activity and unconditioned reflexes of the baby. Newborn exact diagnosis can be put only on the results of studies of the brain on the basis of EEG, CT or MRI. Developmental disorders of motor and mental functions indicate disturbances in the brain of the child, however, does not constitute a necessary condition for the occurrence of seizures. The main diagnostic procedure is the EEG, however, its interpretation also requires certain skills and knowledge from the doctor. When evaluating EEG studies doctor should be remembered that the characteristics inherent in the development of epilepsy in adults, children are simply a manifestation of the characteristics of a certain age. Some important epileptic symptoms may be absent in children due to the fact that the Central nervous system of the child is not yet well developed. Another problem is that children, unlike adults, cannot describe the doctor, what are the factors that provoked the attack, and the elimination and avoidance of precipitating factors, one of the main methods to prevent the development of seizures.

When choosing a medication to treat epilepsy in children doctors are guided by high effectiveness of the medicine and its application by the child. Important when selecting medication for your child is good its portability and minimal side effects. Parents and doctors should conduct regular and thorough monitoring of the health of the child, it helps to detect side effects and comorbidities. Watching the child's condition, the doctor must adjust the dosage according to age. Usually medication helps in more than 80% of cases, in other cases, surgical treatment.

Choosing the epilepsy treatment in Israel, parents are guided by the fact that aid children will be provided in accordance with international standards by doctors who have extensive experience and a high specialization in the treatment of epilepsy. The correct diagnosis and adherence to international standards for the treatment of epilepsy help Israeli doctors to effectively treat and significantly improve the quality of life of young patients.

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