Diabetics have an advantage in the fight against cancer

Diabetes has a positive side. Increase chances of cancer patients in the fight against cancer is the use of medications used to control blood sugar levels.

Many people learn that they have diabetes, see the diagnosis as a death sentence. What feelings should call these people the news of the addition of all of the troubles of another verdict of cancer. However, experts from the Mayo Clinic was able to prove that this combination is the basis of proper treatment with optimal results.

Ovarian cancer was diagnosed in 239 participated voluntarily in the experiment, women, and 73 of them were sick and even diabetes. It is this group which has passed the treatment of cancer and taking daily metmorfin is one of the most common drugs that control blood sugar levels - showed a survival rate of more than twice the overall rate. Even five years after treatment, this group differed lower mortality rates.

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Now the experts are conducting a detailed analysis of the reasons for this phenomenon, the establishment of a mechanism to improve the effectiveness of treatment of ovarian cancer using glucose-lowering drugs, investigate the possibility of using such a method of treatment for nostradamic diabetes.

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