Diabetic socks are on sale now

British scientists have developed special socks for diabetics, they significantly reduce the risk of amputation of a leg of a patient.

Suffering from diabetes can accelerate the recovery of damaged skin and prevent amputation of the feet, downtime wearing clothes under the name Difoprev. On average, this clothing reduces the risk of amputation by 60 percent.

Is Difoprev just 1.5 pounds, for the manufacture uses a special ingredient, extracted from detected in the soil of Antarctic bacteria. This protein with high humidity permeates the fabric of the sock, and then slowly out, wetting the skin of the feet.

Due to chronic conditions, many diabetics suffer amputation of the legs, high blood sugar over time damages the nerves and reduces the sensitivity of the feet. The water supply of the legs is reduced, causing the skin on their heals poorly, which leads to the formation of ulcers, they are developing infection, as the abundance of glucose in the body is a fertile ground for bacteria. This condition can lead to amputation of limbs.

However, socks Difoprev provide feet with hydration for 12 hours a day. Socks can be worn 3 days, it also included capsules, which must be dissolved in water and soaked in her sock. Then it will be suitable to wear.

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