"Diabetes therapy" has all chances to be used in the healing of wounds in the future

It is believed that sugar can have a positive impact on wound healing. It draws water from the wound, thereby destroying the bacteria need water to reproduce. Tests indicate that this method is quite promising, the BBC reports.

One of the patients named Alan Bayliss, at the age of 62 years wow, there was a partial amputation of the right leg, and was removed Vienna to the left. Surgery on the left leg formed a wound that never healed.

To speed up the healing process it was decided to use sugar. For this leg was wrapped up in bandages. The depth of the wound was so large that at first bandage was used almost one jar of sugar. After two weeks the wound condition was so much improved that doctors used in ligation of only 5 teaspoons.

Currently almost finished the experiments carried out in 3 clinics in West Midlands. Therapy sugar has been used successfully on 35 patients. In addition to the positive effects of sugar on the physical condition of the patients, also found a positive effect on emotional state.

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