Diabetes mellitus of the second type causes fructose

Scientists from the heart Institute of St. Luke's was established, fructose is the main cause of diabetes of the second type. According to statistics, up to 10% of the adult population suffer from this disease. Data provided by the publication of Zee News.

For 28 years, the number of patients with diabetes has doubled. In 1980, scientists have registered 153 million cases in 2008 - 347 million cases. Interesting results of recent research. Replacement of glucose to fructose in diabetic patients not only improves their health, but also leads to adverse consequences.

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Fructose from table sugar and corn syrup are the most dangerous. Natural fructose from fruits and vegetables safe, experts say. Fiber plant foods in the human body as vitamins and trace elements that are involved in all biological processes. Scientists advise to replace sugar-containing synthetic products on vegetables and fruits to prolong their life and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

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