Diabetes mellitus of the first type damages the brain – study

Scientists have underestimated the extent of brain damage in diabetes mellitus of the first type. The disease has a clear relationship with the nervous system, says Zee News. Experts from the University of Pittsburgh conducted a study involving 97 volunteers from America. All doctors have identified diabetes mellitus of the first type. As a control group, the researchers gathered a group of 81 healthy person.

In the group of volunteers with diabetes, one third had detected high levels of the marker hyperintensities have talking about brain damage. Deviation often occurs in diseases of the nervous system and in the elderly. Among healthy people, researchers found high rates of marker only 7%.

High rates hyperintensities have to say about the disturbed brain and high risk of development of diseases of the nervous system. Doctors urge attentive to their health, in order to diagnose diseases and to treat them in a timely manner.

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