Diabetes mellitus leads to impaired intelligence

A group of scientists from the University of Waterloo promela meta-analysis of 60 studies on the impact of diabetes on the human intellect. It was found that under the influence of the disturbed metabolism occurs braking process Executive functions. This can result in spontaneous person, writes Psych Central.

Experts have compared almost 10 thousand people with diabetes and a control group of 70 thousand healthy people. It turned out cognitive impairment in the group with diabetes mellitus of the second type occur more often.

The life of the patient with diabetes is quite complex. It consists of constant monitoring of your diet, counting bread units and receiving drugs to reduce sugar. The juxtaposition of the changes that are metabolic disease that causes a violation of the higher nervous activity.

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Scientists advise diabetics to exercise in the fresh air. Suitable light Jogging, swimming, Cycling. Oxygen should improve the brain functioning, and to save him from premature pathological changes.

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