Diabetes increases the risk of dementia

Large epidemiological studies have shown that patients with diabetes are at high risk of developing cognitive impairment. The results of testing to determine the cognitive properties of patients with diabetes compared with healthy people, experience a marked reduction in cognitive abilities, and the confluence of time have a higher chance of developing dementia.

Cognitive function is one of the important functions of a person's social adaptation in the modern world. Cognitive functions include memory, attention, ability to learn and think logically.

The mechanism contributing to the development of cognitive impairment in patients with diabetes, is associated with lesions of the cerebral vessels due to the negative impact of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, as well as the negative effects of insulin and other drugs used for the normalization of blood sugar levels.

The opportunity to reduce the risk of cognitive impairment is. And this opportunity is timely and correct selection of drugs to control fluctuations in blood sugar levels, early prevention of cognitive impairment by drugs improves the metabolism in neurons.

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