Diabetes disturbs the structure of the brain of adolescents, the study showed

Early diabetes mellitus is a disease rather rare but extremely dangerous. Recent research in this area proves that diabetes interferes with the functions of the gray matter in adolescents. In the gray matter are the neurons that stores all the information necessary for life. Gray matter is responsible for emotions, memory, self-control and other higher functions.

Staff from the Medical center in Cincinnati conducted a MRI in 20 healthy adolescents and 20 adolescents with diabetes of the second type. For the accuracy of the results obtained, the researchers used two groups similar for age and ethnicity. None of the subjects, doctors found no mental illness and neurological abnormalities, writes The Times of India.

According to a study in diabetes type II diabetes among adolescents reduced the volume of gray matter of the brain in six areas. In three regions there is an increase in volume. Scientists have linked the lack of gray matter with difficulties in pronunciation of difficult words. The reason for the increase in some structures, the researchers have not yet spoken.

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