Diabetes carries a great danger for women than for men

Diabetes is a serious disorder of metabolic processes in the human body and this beach today. There are many tools to maintain the health of the patient with diabetes, but the disease is chronic. It cannot be cured, only possible lifelong monitoring and medication.

Foreign media are full of headlines about the discovery of scientists from the University of Queensland. According to scientists, diabetes carries a great danger for women than for men. It is in women with diabetes more likely to be diagnosed with heart disease.

Data were established through the analysis 858 thousand cases of the disease. As it turned out, diabetes increases the risk of coronary heart disease among women 2.82 times. In males, this figure increases to 2.16 times. It turns out that the woman with diabetes has 44% more likely to get coronary heart disease and angina.

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Scientists make the assumption, quite possibly it is because of the excess weight, which is much more marked in women than the opposite gender.

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