Dezinfitsiruyuschim the shower gel DryBath water is not required

The question of observance of rules of hygiene in conditions of water scarcity is particularly acute. Twenty-two-year-old student at the University of Cape town Ludwik Marikana was designed shower gel, which can be used without water, reported MSNBC. So just one bag with gel and it can replace a full shower.

Louis Marichan gave gel called DryBath. It destroys the germs, moisturizes the skin surface, "providing" its pleasant smell. In poor countries, the cost of a bag with a wonderful gel is only 50 cents. For its unique design Muresan was awarded the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. According to Louis: "my Patented gel will appeal to airlines and hotels, as individual hotels sometimes critical shortage of normal water.

Student to create a gel, had to go to the articles that are posted online. In this case, it really helped a phone with a built-in feature to access the Internet.

For six months, Muresan was busy gathering information. All project documentation is entered into the database for the mobile phone memory. Louis Marichan in the near future intends to open a company, which will develop further products, focused on the poorest countries of the world.

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