Development of the Novosibirsk scientists helps to regenerate the body

Many people know the saying about what nerve cells do not regenerate. But scientists from Novosibirsk were able to refute this. They invented stimulating brain medicine, under the influence of which he begins to produce stem cells, which, in turn, reanimate the diseased tissues. Today, this drug is one of its kind in the world. It is expected to begin clinical trials later this year, said the Agency "Interfax".

Stem cells themselves are damaged by disease cells and begin to restore them. The brain can produce such cells to a certain age. Mostly it happens at a young age. And under the influence of drugs Novosibirsk scientists to develop stem cells will occur even in old age.

According to experts, to date, all actions stem cells are outside of the body. According to them, this is a pretty risky undertaking, because cultured cell can start interacting with other cells of the body completely unpredictable way.

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