Development of the child no matter how old he took his first steps

Swiss pediatricians from children's clinic in Zurich found that the further development of the child no matter how old he took his first steps. Therefore, they advise parents whose children have not yet begun to walk up to one and a half years, not to worry about it. This conclusion pediatricians came as the result of observation of the development of 222 children who were born in the period from 1978 to 1993 third year. The children were 7 studies in the age of two years and at the age of eighteen years, scientists have studied their intelligence and physical development.

The average age during which children were making their first steps was 1 year and some of the children started walking at 8.5 months. There were also children who started to walk at the age of 20 months.

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On this basis, the experts from Switzerland came to the conclusion that children who started to walk later than their peers, in the future, had no differences between them in terms of coordination of movements or intellectual development. Scientists also noted that if the child does not walk after he was a year and a half, this is the reason for going to the doctor.

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