Developed prototype microrobot for operations on vessels

Australian doctors have developed a tiny robot that can perform a healing journey through human blood vessels, and brain vessels. This is the result of more than forty years of work. The goal was to create a device that will be able to swim through the vessels, so narrow that a common tube, the catheter does not penetrate into them. Say the scientists, the main difficulty was not in the office and in the development of motor, because it was necessary to miniature submarine moved contrary to the bloodstream. However, they succeeded to create motor size diameter less than a pair of human hair. And the unit itself has a thickness of three or four hair. The developers hope that the new generation of these devices will be able to study the blood flow, to stream video to the monitor doctor to remove blood clots and clean narrowed artery, repair of the vascular wall.

This existing prototype operates on piezoelectricity, which is used in lighters and quartz watches. Crystals, deformation testing, create an electrical charge, and its Executive system - actuator converts it into mechanical energy. The robot is small flagellum, through which it can move against the current at small distances. Remove it using a standard syringe. If the device breaks down, the blood flow will bring it to the place of introduction, and from there it can be removed or syringe, or microcatheter. Developers report that currently are working to improve methods of Assembly of the robot, and also the devices responsible for the management of this nanomachine. Researchers ahead of the years of hard work. When the machine is ready for serial production, it will be necessary registration of medical equipment. This procedure is applied to all imported products of a medical nature. So the government controls the quality of the goods, especially those that potentially have a significant impact on the health and life of citizens. For such procedures, gather the necessary documents and submitted to regulatory authorities. Are assigned and carried out various studies and examination, the results of which the decision on the Desk. And only after her and making goods in the state register of vehicles will reach our customers and can be used for the purpose.

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