Developed cells, kills leukemia for three weeks

Scientists from the University Abramson in Pennsylvania say they have developed cells that destroy leukemia for three weeks. This discovery will lead to a breakthrough in the treatment of a deadly blood cancer.

Patients with leukemia treated their own cells T-type, which are genetically modified by doctors and attack and destroy tumors in the body. The treatment was so powerful that for a month the tumor was literally "blown away".

In most forms of cancer, however, these cells are unable to distinguish tumor from healthy tissue, allowing the disease to develop unhindered, however, scientists have learned how to insert into cells protein-chemical receptor antigen. This gene on the surface of T cells is associated with genes in the leukemic cells and kills them. One t-cell kills thousands of sick cells, and treatment destroys tumors up to two kilograms in weight.

Over three weeks, the tumor had shrunk significantly, the advantages of this tool is that it kills only the diseased cells, and not normal tissue as chemotherapy.

Scientists hope that this new method can help doctors treat children with leukemia in the near future.

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