Developed breast implants new generation

Scientists have developed breast implants new generation. The development was named B-Lite. Unlike traditional implants, they are light weight (one-third less than the standard), writes The Daily Mail. This prevents the gradual sagging of the breast, the main unavoidable complication when installing silicone implants.

Scientists report, breast prostheses has remained almost unchanged since 1962, when they were first installed. The weight of traditional implants can be up to five pounds, although the natural tissue of the female breast weigh much less. Plastic surgeons are forced to do a breast lift their patients every 10-15 years, and multiple operations is an inevitable sacrifice when changing appearance.

Today new implants put 40 women. They had already noted the main advantage is low weight. Most patients do not notice their presence. By their aesthetic properties of the B-Lite is no different traditional developments.

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