Developed an effective vaccine against HIV

It is known that HIV affects the human immune system. Over time, it has no ability to resist various diseases. For example, the fungus, sore throat, flu and so on. Currently haven't found an effective medication that allows you to view HIV from the human body. This virus lives in the body of the animal. For the growth and activity requires human cells. Therefore, HIV cannot be transmitted from animals to humans. It should be noted that this disease is not transmitted through hugging someone, by using school subjects in public transport.

A group of scientists have created a new vaccine. It has demonstrated high efficiency during the study. This test was conducted with the help of 400 volunteers. Medical publication the Lancet thinks it's the best vaccine against HIV. Vaccine Ad26 allows to develop a durable immune response to this dangerous disease. However, scientists have not managed to fix the side effects from this drug.

The study involved about 400 healthy people from America, Thailand and Africa. The age of volunteers was between 20 to 50 years. The vaccine comprises a protein compound. At 28 weeks, the test volunteers were subjected to revaccination. It was carried out using a modified virus Ankara. This is reported by a group of scientists.

The study showed that the vaccine contributes to a marked increase of antibodies, proteins that block HIV. This drug allows you to activate cells of the immune system and to evoke the powerful phagocytosis.

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