Developed a universal apparatus for conducting research on the eye

Today in ophthalmology has been applied for a lot of devices for the study of the organ of vision: from microscopes to ultrasound and MRI. Scientists at mit have developed a portable device that allows you to scan the retina in seconds. Just one compact device will help in the diagnosis of several common diseases: glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, informs Zee News.

The device is based on scanning of the retina by means of infrared radiation. The beam of light passes through the eye, reaches the retina, and gets reflected back into the device. The signal passes the analysis, compared with the norm, sets the degree of damage to the organ of vision and the presumptive diagnosis. Scientists report that the device allows to estimate the cross-structure of the retina, because the mechanism of operation is similar to ultrasonic methods in medicine.

Today tested two versions of the device. The first has a display and some sort of camera. Image stabilisation is a series of three-dimensional images, which are summarized. It can effectively deal with the main problem - the shaky hands of a doctor.

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