Developed a unique device for the detection of bladder cancer

Scientists from Liverpool and the West of England, has created an innovative device that allows to detect bladder cancer at the mere smell. In these studies, participated 98 people, 24 of whom had previously been diagnosed with cancer of the bladder, and the rest suffered all kinds of urological diseases.

Literally until recently, diagnosis of serious disease by the smell seemed to be something fantastic, but thanks to British scientists have made this possible. The view was that determine disease by smell under force only to dogs. Naturally, carry out diagnosis with four-legged friends simply impossible.

The principle of operation of this device is based on the reactions to substances in the gas, which is produced in the urea. The device is connected to the liquid reservoir, he explores, and then displays on the monitor the received data. This enables staff to see the presence of cancer cells in the bladder.

In the course of the research instrument with a 100% probability of identifying cases of cancer. No doubt, test with confidence can be called successful. As stated by British scientists, their offspring are able to diagnose cancer at its earliest stages, when treatment as efficiently as possible. Another advantage of this invention is the availability of, any person in the future will be able to regularly research without imposing costs.

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