Developed a new test to diagnose concussions

Employees of northwestern University (USA) have learned to determine with 90% accuracy if the person has a concussion. The test is based on the analysis of how the affected brain responds to sound.

On the head of the volunteer mounted sensors, through which experts can analyse the brain's response to sound signals. Experts note that due to the test they were able to determine the presence of concussion in children, with 90% accuracy and the lack of it - 95%. The study was conducted on 40 children, says the Daily Mail.

Usually the diagnosis of a concussion is by their appearance and interviewing the victim, which cannot guarantee accuracy.

Professor Kraus, who took part in the study said that brain damage is weakened and may not reflect sound as well as healthy. The scientists hope to create a portable device capable of on the basis of sound diagnostirovati a concussion.

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