At the moment all the children after birth are studies on tolerance of gluten. If the gluten is not digested, this disease is called celiac disease. New research method does not require drawing blood from a baby's heel, it takes only one drop and special strip similar to the test for determining pregnancy.

The strip of deposited antibodies. When a positive response in the device there is a pink strip, say the scientists from the University of Granada. They tested the new test-system on 198 children aged up to four years. Part of the diagnosis of "celiac disease" was in infancy. The test was able to identify a group of ill children is not worse than the old one. According to preliminary information, one study will cost only $ 14 and will take no longer than 10 minutes.

Express diagnostics of dangerous congenital diseases are extremely important in shaping a child's health. The sooner the booth revealed pathology, the more the doctors can do in the treatment process.

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