Developed a new technique for treatment of epilepsy

Scientists from the University of California have developed a new technique for the treatment of epilepsy. They offer to treat her with the help of neural cell transplantation. The new method is that in a certain area of the brain is embedded cell ganglia. It should be noted that the ganglia are precursors of nerve cells, which are formed in the embryo. According to American experts, after such intervention improved cognitive function brain and nervous inhibition stabilizes.

This method has already been successfully tested on rodents. Scientists intend to treat with it, epilepsy, manifested in severe form. Previously, this disease could not be cured through therapy. Under epilepsy refers to one of the most severe diseases of the nervous system. It occurs due to disordered neuronal activity. Ganglia is a large brain areas, which are responsible for the condition of the human body in time of peace. If the ganglion tense, that people have anxiety, and he begins to be afraid of almost everything. Arising restless condition does not allow him to concentrate.

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The temporal region of the brain responsible for controlling emotion and memory. If in the above-mentioned area of the brain occurs any violation, the person becomes nervous, becomes restless, have mood swings and deteriorating memory.

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