Developed a new technique for treatment of alopecia

Baldness continues to be one of the eye problems of the modern society. Beauticians and doctors all the time working to create the most effective methods of combating baldness. This time, American scientists from the University of California conducted a study, which was attended by women suffering from alopecia. The nurses were divided into two groups, one of which took the pill that contains AminoMar C or fish protein. The second group received a placebo.

Research work has revealed that members of the first group, which took fish protein for 3 months, the rate of hair loss decreased by 20%, and after six months the coat of the study participants from the first group even increased by 6%.

The resulting data scientists came to the conclusion that such dietary supplements in the future will help you deal with baldness. It should also be noted that most of all suffer from alopecia women in the menopausal age. Additionally, previous studies have already established that the constant exposure to stress, poor nutrition and hormonal levels in women also cause baldness.

In addition to skillful disguise the appearance of patients, doctors can be quite effective treatment that prevents worsening of symptoms or the occurrence of certain problems in the future. Of the problems that are associated with the appearance, doctors have compiled a pretty impressive list. Some modern beauticians have already learned to solve, because science is not static, but constantly evolving.

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