Developed a new method of treatment of varicose veins

Varicose veins is a common condition in which stretch of the venous wall and disrupted valve apparatus. As a result, developing congestion, usually in the lower extremities. New medicine "Variana" reports Remedium, will help in the treatment of this disease.

The drug consists of polidocanol in the form of foam. It can be used in the form of injections. In some cases, it can completely replace surgical intervention. The drug has already undergone three phases of clinical trials. It effectively helps to restore the valve apparatus superficial veins and reduce congestion.

However, at the moment, patients resort to thermal ablation, surgery to remove the individual veins and other interventions. The development of a new tool proved to be very time consuming. Scientists and engineers took over 10 years to provide the public with a "Varian". One of the main concerns was the fear that the drug will penetrate into the bloodstream and to complicate the situation with varicose veins. The company is pinning great hopes on the new drug and expects to receive from his sales per year to $ 500 million. The vehicle will go on sale in mid-2014.

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