Developed a new method for quitting Smoking

Have long known that to quit a bad habit, like Smoking, is quite difficult. Meanwhile, scientists from the University of southern California have developed a new method by which the process of giving up bad habits somewhat relieved. This is such a difficult task helps high-frequency transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

This process implies the influence of magnetic fields on the frontal region, during which stimulated perimentally the cortex. This procedure considerably reduces the desire to smoke in people, the frequency area which is about once in two hours. In the conducted study involved 16 people who are heavy smokers for a long time. The volunteers were divided into 2 groups, one of which specialists conducted 2 sessions of CBT with a one week interval, and the second group of participants received the placebo session.

This gave the opportunity to compare the degree of effects. In the end, craving for harmful habit was significantly decreased after the sessions of magnetotherapy. However, scientists have noticed the greatest effect on CBT in people who smoked the most. The developers of this technique assured that it will occupy a leading place in the list of methods to help get rid of bad habits.

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