Developed a method of treatment of stroke using stem cells

Scientists from the UK have managed to improve the state of health 5 patients after stroke using stem cell injections in their brain. About this British experts said during the conference of the European Stroke Conference.

This study was not large, as it was attended by only 9 people with stroke during the time period from 6 months to 5 years prior to initiating treatment with stem cells. After the injections in five patients was noted positive dynamics. However, no side effects were noted.

According to Keith Muir, a leading researcher from the University of Glasgow, the people after stroke was observed paralysis began to move his fingers. And those patients who previously was entirely dependent on the help of other people, started things to do on their own. However, scientists are not sure that this improvement was achieved thanks to stem cell therapy as a role could be played by the placebo effect. That is why British scientists plan to conduct a second phase of research, which will allow us to more accurately set, which has improved the condition of stroke patients.

In conclusion, I would like to remind that the stem are called immature cells that can renew themselves and turn into cells of various tissues and organs. This technique has been successfully used in medicine to treat certain diseases.

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