"Detoxification" may cause harm to

Medical experts warn that the refusal medicamentosa treatment in favor of detoxification can cause serious harm to health, in spite of the opposite opinion.

They found that a fifth of respondents thought that it is useful to refuse drugs if they were on long-term treatment.

The practice of passing detoxification as a means of reducing harmful effects on the body is becoming more common in recent years, although it is often expressed in the rejection of unhealthy foods, or stop alcohol consumption and Smoking, some go further - refuse medication prescribed by a physician for a long period.

Leila Handbuch, head of the information Department of the National Pharmaceutical Association, commissioned a survey of more than 1,000 people, who showed that there exists a chasm of misunderstanding among the public about how drugs affect the body. She warns that the refusal constantly medication may adversely affect health.

For people with chronic diabetes, asthma or depression the results of this detoxification can be catastrophic.

NFA encourages people to ask questions related to the use of drugs, specialists, within weeks "Ask your pharmacist".

"In most pharmacies now have a consultation, where you can sit down and talk with the pharmacist alone," said Handback.

"The advantages of Frank and detailed conversation with the pharmacist about taking medicines can be immense - you will get the most out of your treatment, and the risk of harm from misuse of drugs significantly reduced"- promotes the APF.

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