Detection and treatment of cancer

Cancer treatment begins with diagnosis. The key to successful therapy is the precise definition of what specifically the tumor will have to confront the doctor and the patient. Different tumors, due to the peculiarities of its structure and development respond differently to the available Arsenal of modern Oncology cancer treatment methods. Therefore, each message about the discovery of a new type of tumors becomes the hope of future patients that they will receive high-precision treatment that destroys only the tumor tissue without harming healthy cells.

It is this hope is required for patients with sarcomas nasal or paranasal region, as the only method of treatment is surgical. And, given the damage to the tumor tissue of the nasopharynx, means significant trauma and high risk of tumor recurrence due to incomplete removal. This is compounded by the fact that any of these tumors, most often when the patient, in response to complaints about the reason for which conventional ENT study does not answer is assigned computer tomography, which, alas, shows that the tumor has struck a significant amount of tissue.

And a big step for such a hope made: American scientists noted the particular type of tumor, which is characterized by the development mechanism. Biphenotypic sarcoma sinuses (the so-called new type of cancer) is caused by damage to healthy genes PAX3 and MAML3, of which, under certain conditions, a “gene Chimera” that triggers tumor process.

However, the discovery of new diseases is a slow process. Two scientists, Andre Oliveira and gene Lewis, back in 2004 drew attention to the peculiarity of the structure of some types of sarcomas nasal or paranasal region. However, to confirm that the tumor with exactly the same features occur quite frequently, and for the classification of “new” tumor took another eight years. And only in 2014, they managed to identify the genetic structure and describe the molecular process of education biphenotypic sarcoma sinuses.

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Notable is the fact that the entire process, from identifying features of the tumor to a precise description of the mechanism of the beginning of its development, distinguishing disease from such, was made in the walls of one clinic, the same mi by the same people. Usually, as stated in the academic circles, these findings are the result of years of work of the different groups of specialists of different, often unrelated to each other, institutions. Apparently, the Mayo clinic, in the walls which is open biphenotypic sarcoma sinuses, has some special research potential. By the way, during the final phase of their research andré Oliveira and Jean Louis have found information that the first information about open them, but then not having the names of the tumor that is different from the main mass, and was the archive of the same clinic, near the well-preserved samples of tumor tissue, dated distant 1956 year! Thus to open a new type of cancer worked at least three generations of doctors.

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