Detailed diet of the infant

In the first months the mother is not very thinking about what to feed the baby. At this point, she herself must monitor their diet. As the main food of the baby is milk. But after some time, the woman begins to ask questions. How to input solid foods to the baby, what to give, how much and in what months. All this will help to solve the doctor, but some questions yourself should know and mom.

Feeding of the child in months.

1-3 months.

During this period, the main meal of the baby should be milk. It is impossible to give a children's tea or juices. Lures in these months also should not be. She needs to watch what he eats, because it affects the child. Feed the need, as many times as the children have asked for. You can teach your child to a specific mode is closer to 3 months. It is impossible to transfer the child to the mix.

4-6 months.

At this age, the baby can be given a few drops of juice. He must be a child from a shop or cooked at home. The second of course is much better. If after juice if a baby has rashes or he doesn't like until stop him to enter. It is also possible to introduce a small amount of fruit puree. If you are afraid or unsure what now to do it talk to your pediatrician. He will tell how much stronger digestive system of the baby. Don't forget that the main food of the child is the mothers milk.

7-9 months.

You can enter porridge, cooked scrolled meat and cheese. Soups beef broth, too, will not be redundant. Breast milk to feed the child should be 2 times a day. For a little bit, you can enter the fish. Just be careful and check on her bones. New products should be entered within 8 days. And it is necessary to ensure that the new this or that product, the child did not develop allergies.

10-12 months.

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Menu baby in 10 months in principle can be called a variety. Of the familiar products you can make a variety of dishes. Different casseroles with cheese and fruit. To fish and minced to prepare the garnish. You can also give bread and yogurt. In any case, let's not fried, spicy or salty. To year, it is already possible to wean from breast milk. Should already be a clear diet.

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